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The 15 Most Critical Financial Life Skills Your Children Need To Know
When it comes to raising your children to be successful in life, many parents aren't sure about how discuss financial life skills. Now more than ever in history, it is essential to begin teaching your children the building blocks at an early age in order to prevent them going into severe debt during their young adult lives.
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The Value of Money
Powerful Wealth Building Habits
Tips That Lead to Financial Independence
Preventing Wastefulness
Factors That Raise Self-Esteem and Personal Fulfillment 
Life Success Factors For Today's World
And So Much More...
What's the benefit?
Bad habits are hard to change and can lead to devastating debt which parents often end up helping pay off. Help your child grow up to be a financially responsible, fulfilled adult who is able to successfully manage their money and take care of themselves and their family. You will have far fewer challenging conversations with them about money as they go through childhood and the teen years, and will enjoy seeing them grow into confident, independent adults who know how to make good decisions based on their personal values and goals in life.

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Financial Author And Speaker, Nancy Phillips
As a mother of two, I have become keenly aware of the importance of teaching our children financial skills early on before bad habits can occur. With this in mind, I created the Zela Wela Kids™ book series, for parents to teach their children these essential life skills. 

“These resources were researched and created to help our youth – including my own children, learn essential, progressive financial life skills including: identifying personal values, effective goal setting, managing money to build wealth not debt, practicing gratitude, and developing an entrepreneurial mindset. This type of knowledge decreases the likelihood of bad financial habits or an entitlement attitude taking over, and increases the likelihood our children will lead happy, meaningful and personally successful lives, lives that have the potential to impact the world in a positive way.”
Nancy Phillips, HBSc., MBA
Creator of the Wela Way Financial Life Skills Resources
Messages From Our Friends... 
Since finding your Zela Wela Kids blog and buying all of your books I feel like I've found a treasure trove of great information that, not only supports what I've been saying, but also teaches me more on topics that I, as a parent, am very interested in and thankful for learning about. I especially love the book on teaching the difference between needs and wants. I love your wish list and use it for both of my kids. I also love the idea of kids building their own "GISS" bank.

David Vogelsang, Financial Confidence blogger
I am so grateful that I went into Save-On that day and came across your books. It is so fantastic to read them to my girls and watch their little minds grow, and yes, as you said, no more temper tantrums in or leaving stores! 

Deannie Zahara, mom of three
I wish we had “Built a Bank” sooner, it would have stopped so much begging for me to buy my daughter Lauren (8) things. Now she manages her own money and is learning for herself the value of a dollar.

Nicola King

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