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The best way to learn something is to experience it. Planning and keeping track of your money helps lead to financial success and these habits are easier to start at a young age.

This excel spreadsheet contains several pages for your teens and kids. They are based on the Give*Invest*Save*Spend or GISS Method™ of money management. This method helps build good habits, personal responsibility and long-term wealth.

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The Simple Spending Plan for Teens
The spending plan will help them to create a healthy budget for the week or the month.
Daily Spend Tracking Sheet
It has been proven that tracking spending on a daily basis improves personal finances.

Cash Flow Tracker for Young Kids
For young kids, tracking their cashflow is a great occasion to practice their numeracy skills.

Values Based Goal Planning Sheet
Goal planning helps to learn the steps to success in all areas of life.
What is the GISS method?
Give, Invest, Save, Spend

This is an ancient concept often referred to as “tithing” which means “a tenth.” As children begin to learn about, and give time and/or money to various causes, they become aware of their ability to help others and make a difference in the world. Increased engagement in our global community is related to high self-esteem and personal happiness, just as good relationships and experiences are.

Investing is an abstract concept for really young children, but it can be introduced gradually. They don’t have to invest any of this money for years, it depends on the child and family. Putting small amounts of money aside consistently will give them a base to start with when the time comes. Initially this segment can be explained as the money the child “grows” to use and live on when they are older. They could use a portion to open their first entrepreneurial venture. The key message here is that they don’t have to have large amounts to get started.

Research has shown self-control in childhood to be directly related to financial success in adulthood, and saving can help enhance this trait. This is the money a child puts away for something special which costs more than their spending money allows for. As children work toward specific goals, whether it’s saving for a bike or a toy of some kind, they begin to learn the action steps needed to achieve those goals, while beginning to develop their personal responsibility in relation to money.

This category helps children learn how their actions with money have consequences. Once children use their own money for purchases, they begin to consider the cost and value of things. It’s much better for a young child to have a chance to handle money and make mistakes with a few dollars, as opposed to going into thousands of dollars in debt in their teens or early twenties. One of the most important financial skills and habits we can help instill in our youth is how to spend wisely. Without this ability, severe debt and potential bankruptcy are very real risks.
Financial Author And Speaker, Nancy Phillips
As a mother of two, I have become keenly aware of the importance of teaching our children financial skills early on before bad habits can occur. With this in mind, I created the Zela Wela Kids™ book series, for parents to teach their children these essential life skills. 

“These resources were researched and created to help our youth – including my own children, learn essential, progressive financial life skills including: identifying personal values, effective goal setting, managing money to build wealth not debt, practicing gratitude, and developing an entrepreneurial mindset. This type of knowledge decreases the likelihood of bad financial habits or an entitlement attitude taking over, and increases the likelihood our children will lead happy, meaningful and personally successful lives, lives that have the potential to impact the world in a positive way.”

Nancy Phillips, HBSc., MBA
Creator of the Wela Way Financial Life Skills Resources
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